Welcome to the website of the Québec Association of Military Vehicles.

Our association works to protect the rights of the owners of historic military vehicles in Québec.

In 2019, the S.A.A.Q. unilaterally chose to declare many many historic military vehicles that had been traveling freely on Quebec roads for many years as “Off Road” vehicles.

The Minister of Transportation of Québec, Mister François Bonnardel, then signed an Arrêté Ministériel in July of 2019 which severely restricts the right of history military vehicles to be driven on the roads in the province of Québec, and they will be permanently prohibited after August 22nd 2024 !

Liste SAAQ
The list of “Off road vehicles” of the S.A.A.Q.

Invoking the “safety principle”, The 1985 Bombardier Iltis which was used by the Canadian forces until the early 2000’s (on the left) is now restricted to roads with a speed limit of 70 Km/h or less since august 22nd 2019; meanwhile the 1930 Ford car with wooden wheels (on the right) can still benefit from a “passenger car” registration and can be driven without restrictions on the roads of Québec !

First under the name “Club véhicules militaires du Québec” (and in relation with the Facebook group of the same name) a group of owners came together to make Minister Bonnardel aware of our cause and the monumental error that was made !

After they officially became the “Québec Association of Military Vehicles”, this group of owners continued discussions with the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec in order to and try to convince him to correct this obvious injustice.

After several months of discussions with representatives of the Ministry of Transportation of Québec and the S.A.A.Q., we can only report that all of our proposals have been rejected, that several government representatives were involved in managing this situation, and that the discussions have changed direction several times.

To date, and although the representatives of the Ministry of Transportation say they want to quickly find a way out of this crisis, we are still awaiting a proposal so that historic military vehicles can once again be driven freely on the roads of Quebec

Uncertain, and without knowing whether the Minister intends to restore our right to travel without restrictions on the roads in 2020, we are counting on your contribution to move our case forward and help us protect the rights of owners of historic military vehicles in Quebec .

You can contribute in several ways:

  • Visit this site regularly to obtain all the information concerning the situation of historic military vehicles in Quebec;
  • Visit our Facebook page to participate in discussions and exchange with the other owners;
  • Subscribe to our mailing list to be informed of the progress of our situation;
  • Become a member of the Association and contribute monetarily to the defense of owners

We invite you to visit the entire site to read all the details and the chronology of the situation regarding the registration of historic military vehicles in Quebec.

We thank you for your help and wish you a pleasant visit.

The Association des Véhicules Militaires du Québec